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  • PMINZ 2014-15 Board Election Voting Instruction
    20 August 2014

    Nominations were received for President:

    • Toni Iaseto PMP
    • Calum Robertson PMP
    • Helen Telford  PMP

    Nominations for the PMINZ Board for 2015-16 have now closed. Since three candidates have been nominated for the position of President, a voting process has been initiated, in accordance with the PMINZ Constitution and Bylaws. All financial members of PMINZ are eligible to vote.

    Votes can be cast up until 6pm on Sunday, 31 August 2014.

    Personal Statements from Candidates

    A personal statement from each candidate is available below. Please take a few minutes to read them and then cast your vote.

    Voting Process

    Voting for the President will be carried out by an email voting procedure. Each member may make only one vote for President. Follow three simple steps:

    1. Press one of the voting links below (generates an email)
    2. Add your name and PMI membership no. into the ‘body’ of the email
    3. Send the email

    NB. All votes will be delivered to a central repository managed by the Nominations Committee Convenor. Any votes received without membership details will not be counted.

    Cast Your Vote
    PMINZ President 2015-16: Choose one

    Press only one of the following voting links for President and follow the above instructions.

    Voting for the following candidates closed at 6pm, 31 August 2014:

    • Toni Iaseto PMP
    • Calum Robertson PMP
    • Helen Telford  PMP

    Voting links for the above candidates have now been removed.


    Phil Heaphy PMP
    Presiding Officer
    Nominations Committeer

    Post date: 20:August:2014
  • All members of the New Zealand Chapter of the Project Management Institute are warmly invited to attend the Chapter’s Annual General Meeting.

    When: 12.45 PM Thursday, 4th September 2014,
    Where: Rydges Hotel, Christchurch New Zealand.


    1. Apologies

    2. Ratification of previous AGM meeting minutes: 11 September 2013

    3. Annual Report

    4. Financial Report and Auditor's Report

    5. Election update

    6. Questions


    Toni Iaseto
    PMINZ Secretary

    Post date: 15:August:2014
  • PMINZ are proud to announce two awards for students taking the project management paper at the University of Auckland - and we need your votes!

    We are inviting all PMINZ members to vote on the videos produced by students as part of their team assignment. The videos are original works by students on topics from PMBoK.
    There will be two awards:

    1. Video Prize: PMINZ prize for the team with the most engaging, informative and thought provoking video
    2. Academic Prize: PMINZ prize for the team with the highest academic performance for their team project.

    We need your help in voting for the Video prize, which will be awarded to the team receiving most votes from you, our members. 3 videos have been shortlisted for this prize by the students themselves, selected from the 13 teams via a peer scoring system. Each video is a maximum of 6 minutes and the 3 shortlisted videos are available for you to view on the following links:

    ·         Achievers (Communications Management):

    ·         Business as Usual (Risk Management):

    ·         Snapme (Time Management):

    Once you have viewed the videos you are invited to vote on the following link (deadline is 20 August 2014).

    Awards to the students will consist of:

    • PMI Student membership for 12 months, including PMINZ Chapter membership (academic prize)
    • Books on project management topics (academic prize)
    • Movie vouchers (video prize)

    Awards will be presented at the Auckland Sub-branch meeting on 21 August 2014. We hope you enjoy watching these videos!

    Notes (the small print):

    •     Your votes will not be used for academic marking of the student's work.
    •     Students and staff at University of Auckland are not eligible to vote.
    •     Teams comprise 6-7 students in each team.
    •     Teams were tasked with delivering a project to produce a project charter, project plan, video, and post-completion report.
    •     Teams were given no assistance by staff. They were allowed to select any topic from PMBoK. The requirement for the video was that it had to be educational and engaging.
    •     Any views expressed in these videos are student's work and do not represent the views by the University of Auckland (UoA), nor PMINZ. No liability accepted by UoA or PMINZ
    •     Your participation in voting is entirely voluntary
    •     If you have any queries please contact Garry Miller (UoA) 09 373 7599
    Post date: 04:August:2014
  • Friday, 25 July 2014

    Dear PMINZ Chapter Member,

    In accordance with the PMINZ Constitution & By-Laws Revision 6, applications were invited in June 2014 for the Central Branch roles of Chair and Treasurer.  The Nominations Committee received valid nomination for the roles of Central Branch Chair and Central Branch Treasurer several days after the original closing date.

    Since no nominations were received for these roles by the original closing date of 6pm, Friday, 27th June 2014, the Nominations Committee has decided to extend the call for nominations for these two roles only until 6 pm NZ time, Friday 1 August 2014, to allow any other members interested in these roles to  submit their nomination application.

    To submit an application, please complete the attached nomination form and email or post as instructed on the form so that it is received no later than 6pm NZ time, Friday, 1 August 2014.

    Nominees and nominators must be current PMINZ members. Board Positions require two nominators. Branch Positions need only one nominator.

    Central Branch (Elected Officers)

    Chair (1)

    (1)   Also PMINZ Board member.


    Yours faithfully

    Phil Heaphy
    Presiding Officer
    Nominating Committee





    Post date: 23:July:2014
  • You are invited as members of PMINZ to participate in some research being undertaken by the University of Cambridge, UK. PMI(NZ) are pleased to support this research as it investigates the role of trust in project teams. Many other project management associations across the globe are taking part.

    We would greatly appreciate it if you would take the University of Cambridge 10-minute survey. The survey link is:

    The University of Cambridge have confirmed that they will share the findings with all the associations that are cooperating in this research. Further information is available via the link.


    Post date: 03:July:2014


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